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2 Basic Rules on how to create a unique interior design
5 Common mistakes interior students make and how to avoid them!
Chris Lee

5 Common mistakes interior students make and how to avoid them!

This video is for students who are pursuing car interior design. I get a lot questions from students who are starting out and curious about interior design and how to move forward. So through the many years of tutoring interior design students, I have compiled the 5 most common mistakes that the students make so you can learn to avoid them. Video Includes: In this tutorial video, I show real example projects from former students and show you both good and bad examples. I point out the common mistakes in their portfolios so that you can learn to avoid them. I cover everything from "Why your interior project doesn't stand out or is unique" to "How to get the most out of your interior 3D model" and even "Avoiding the Autonomous Driving Interior Concept TRAP" I also know interior design takes longer for each sketch and many students have a hard time filling up a full portfolio with sketches, so I give some advice on how to efficiently produce many pages of sketches for each project without having to spend hours drawing the whole interior. I also take a couple of student interior sketches and do an overlay to show you how to optimize your interior themes and also keeping your original key sketch theme while incorporating basic interior functionality. So, if you've been struggling with any of these topics, check out the tutorial and I hope it makes it easier to come up with an amazing interior design project! Thanks! (P.S. all the students work I have shown in the tutorial have either all gotten jobs as an interior designer or have had successful internships)
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