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Photo-underlay technique tutorial
Chris Lee

Photo-underlay technique tutorial

In this video tutorial, I will show you a different technique to create stunning design proposal using a photo underlay as a base starting point. Although this technique may be controversial, it is by far one of the most common techniques used by professional designers all around the world. The reason is that it takes half the time to create a design proposal that is twice as impactful. The trick is to make sure to change the underlaying photo proportions to your new design and not using any of the design features of the underlaying photo. This is a fun and efficient way to create an environment or mood for your design proposals. As you can see in my example, my final design was a sports car, so I chose the appropriate racetrack background photo environment to further enhance my design and help sell the design. In this tutorial I did a new line sketch over the underlay and will show you a complete demonstration from start to finish on how to go from a line sketch to a finished rendering as you see in the thumbnail above. You can apply the same technique you will learn in this video on all other examples, whether you want to do an off-road SUV in the desert or forest environment or a small commuter in a crowded city background. Using this technique will help sell your concept by putting your design in that environment. Not to mention how to use the existing underlay photo reflections and lighting to add that extra pop to your final rendering. I would love to see your trial of this technique, so feel free to send me your version after seeing this tutorial and I would glady give you some feedback to improve it even more! Thanks!
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